Declaration: GetLicInfo (var LicVers, UpdateGT, NumInst: integer; var AppName, LicID, HashCode, UserName, GroupName, Address1, Address2, EMail, Modules: string; var ExpDate, IssueDate: TDateTime): integer;
Returns the data of the currently installed license in the following variable parameters:
LicVers the version number of the license
UpdateGT the update grace period in day (the number of days after the date of issue during which free updates can be installed
NumInst the number of suppoprted parallel instances which can be run on a single computer
AppName the name of the application (e.g. "Epina ImageLab")
LicID the unique ID of the license
HashCode a unique 40-character string which serves to check the authenticity of the license
UserName the name of the end user
GroupName a 40-character string containing the associated group names (separated by semicolons); please note that the number of groups is restricted by the max. length of the GroupName parameter
Address1 the address of the licensee, part 1
Address2 the address of the licensee, part 2
EMail the email address of the licensee
Modules the list of activated modules
ExpDate the expiration date of the license (unlimited licenses have a formal expiration date of Jan-1, 2100)
IssueDate the date of issue of the license

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... no problems found
-1 ... the encoding of the expiration time is invalid
-2 ... the encoding of the date of issue is invalid