Declaration: Frm2DImg.SetImageCursor (PosX, PosY: double; Mode, MeanRange: integer): integer;
The method SetImageCursor sets the image cursor of the 2D imager to the specified position [posX,posY]. The parameter Mode determines which kind of cursor and data trace will be displayed:

0 Cursor Data Display
0 crosshair normal spectral display
1 horizontal line through PosY intensities along the cursor line
2 vertical line through PosX intensities along the cursor line
3 crosshair with circular range the mean spectrum of all pixels within the circle; the parameter MeanRange controls the size of the circle (in pixels1)
Please note that SetImageCursor is always applied to the current Layer and TimeSlot.

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything OK
-1 ... the specified cursor position is located outside the HSI image
-2 ... the Mode parameter is invalid
-3 ... invalid MeanRange parameter (valid range is between 1 and 100)

1 Use the function UnitSize to obtain the size of a pixel in world coordinates.