Declaration: TDataTable.Serialize (ColHeadsAsVar, IncludeColRowNumbers: boolean);
The method Serialize rearranges the data table so that the individual columns of the matrix are concatenated to form a vector (or a 1*n matrix). Starting with a matrix of p columns and n rows the serialization results in a matrix having 1 column and n*p rows.

If the parameter ColHeadsAsVar is set to TRUE an additional column is created, which contains the variable identifiers as a nominal variable. If IncludeColRowNumbers is set to TRUE another two columns are added which contain the column and the row index of the original data points. The columns are always arranged in the following order: variable identifiers, column index, row index, data values. Thus the data column is always the last column in the serialized array.

If the original data contain variables of different levels of measurement the data column of the serialized matrix will be set to the highest encountered level of measurement. Nominal values will be replaced by their ordinals.