Declaration: TDataTable.HarmonicMeanOfNumCells (LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, HighRow: integer; var NumData: integer): double;
The function HarmonicMeanOfNumCells calculates the harmonic mean of a specific area of numeric cells (cells which are neither marked as csNAN, nor as csUndefined and which belong to either interval or ratio scaled variables). The range of the cells used for the calculation is controlled by the parameters LowCol, LowRow, HighCol, and HighRow. The variable parameter NumData returns the number of data points used for the calculation (i.e. the number of valid numeric data cells within the specified range).

Hint: Setting both the low and high parameter of a dimension (i.e. LowCol and HighCol) to zero values forces the method to use all elements of that dimension.